Demonic Debutants

Demonic Debutants

In the first nine days of the ninth month of 1999, the Devil begat nine daughters. To each he gave a power to wreck havoc upon the earth, and to each he gave a home where they could see the wickedness of humankind; where their hearts could nurture dark desires for vengeance and destruction.

But kids don’t always turn out the way you plan.

With shady characters, magic, LGBTQ+ antiheroes to love, and a very likeable demon historian, DEMONIC DEBUTANTES promises to give you the chills and remind you that even the Devil was once an Angel.

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About the Book

Includes stories by:

  • Steven R. Brandt
  • Sophia Diaz
  • E.A. Comiskey
  • Kristin Jacques
  • Josephine Templeton
  • Amber D. Boyd
  • Christine Bottas
  • Victoria Moschou
  • Holly Gonzalez
Genres: Fantasy, Short Story
Publisher: Curious Tomes
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 1693702932
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