Howling at the Moon, a short story is now available!

The tarots are never wrong. After reading the cards for one reluctant lady, Bay decides to use her spellfully delicious talent to change her client's fortune. But even when her spell goes right, everything else goes wrong. In order to fix the mess she's made, Bay must choose between saving the man she loves and her life as she knows it.

Find this spellbinding story is now available in either the anthology, Undeath by Chocolate, or as a stand-alone story on Kindle and Kobo.

Above and Beneath

The world of angels and demons

My stories, Life's Nectar and Forevermore, are now out in the Above and Beneath anthology. For hours of entertaining reading, get your copy on Amazon or Kobo today.


Life's Nectar

On the brink of extinction, one species' death spells the end of the humankind as we know it. A pair of angels seeks to uncover the truth behind the eradication. Only one problem--a secret hidden for thousands of years is about to be told, and there's no turning back for heaven or earth.


Written by: Amber D. Boyd & Chayton Avalerias

The key to finding Gabe was closer than she thought. He had been missing for weeks. So when Aarin got a note with a hint to his whereabouts, she followed the instructions to the letter. Taking that one step across the threshold of The In-Between, she fell into a hellish world she never knew existed. What had she gotten herself into? The choice she would have to make would change her destiny forevermore.


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The Dream Weaver

Wren's first day at her new school is a twisted kind of day—in other words, anything but ordinary. With Kellan and Jaxon battling for her attention, their crazy love triangle draws Wren into a hidden world she never dreamed possible.

Unlocking the mystery of her lost memories, mystical tattoos and unusual abilities are only the beginning of her being able to unravel her past to find out who she really is. Claiming her role in a world she knows nothing about, is more dangerous than she knows.

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This is a serial series with over 200,000 chapter reads and thousands of comments on it. For a full book review, check out the Wattpad Ambassador book review of the story. >>Dream Weaver Book Review Link


Thank you for this wonderful book! I loved the smart dialogues and appreciated the humor and romantic of the different scenes. The characters are so adorable, even the "evil" ones are depicted with such dedication and love for details, it's hardly to dislike them.You are a very talented writer! Please delight us with many more beautiful stories!

By Lucy Shoe, Wattpad Reader


What an amazing story! I'm excited to read the next book!!

By Iraezma,

Wattpad Reader

The Dream Weaver book trailer:

"Wow, this trailer is so breathtaking... Every page I'm reading, I find myself wanting to find out what happens next! Wren really just draws me... the characters feel like real people. Can't wait to read the second book after this."

By Anita Morin, Wattpad Reader