About Author

Amber Boyd

When not working at her day job, Amber can usually be found tapping the keys of her sticker-covered laptop, crafting her latest bewitching story. As one of the founders of The Scribblers' Society, an elite group of editors and published authors, she’s usually eyebrow deep in an editing or writing project. She is often contracted by Wattpad to judge one of their many writing contests.

While she is currently completing her MFA in creative writing at UBC, she blames her degree in psychology for her evil, twisted plot lines that torment readers into binge reading her tales long into the wee hours in the morning. Her award-winning, spellfully delicious tale, Howling at the Moon, is published on Amazon, and her short story “Life’s Nectar” and co-written story “Forevermore” can be found in the Amazon number-one, best-selling book, Above and Beneath—the world of angels and demons.

Amber is a proud member of the Métis Nation of Alberta and lives in Cochrane, Alberta with her husband, two kids, and infamous dust bunny. She claims the more she writes, the less housework gets done and the bigger the bunny gets. She suspects the dust ball will rule their home forever—because she isn’t putting the keyboard down anytime soon.

Her tales of witchcraft, elemental magic, and necromancy can be found on Amazon and Kobo.


The Writers XL (Podcast)

Chatting with LL Montez and Shelly X Leonn from the WritersXL was lost of fun and full of laughs. The interview started at about 14:30 minutes into this podcast, but I'm sure you'll enjoy their witty banter right from the beginning of their show.


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